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Why did we design and develop this floor-style mobile smart screen?

In the past, TV’s were the primary medium for large-screen home entertainment, while tablets were used in a separate setting. The decline of color television and the slow growth of tablets are both plain to see. INNOCN is now offering a smart screen that goes beyond ordinary color TVs and tablets. Standard color televisions have fixed positioning, no interaction modes, and no opportunity to personalize devices. Furthermore, the viewing experience is generally diminished by the small screens that are standard on current tablets. Ordinary tablets are also too small for kids to learn good sitting habits. Because of its portability and huge UHD 4K screen, the INNOCN Rolling Tablet 32S1U Pro is the ideal 32 inch smart screen for your work from home job and entertainment activities. It also has rich interaction modes like touchscreen and CMS for people who like a straightforward user experience.

INNOCN Hybrid Rolling Tablet 32S1U Pro,Best Companion on the Wheel

The INNOCN Hybrid Rolling Tablet 32S1U Pro, the ultimate tablet on wheels, is the ideal companion to enrich your daily activities. Because it is the world's first 4-in-1 big screen 4K Hybrid Rolling Tablet with wheels, you may use it as an Android tablet PC, portable touchscreen monitor, smart TV, and drawing tablet all in one device. INNOCN intends to initiate Crowdfunding for the Hybrid Rolling Tablet on IndieGOGO in October, with a standard price of only $1299. Super early birds, on the other hand, will receive a $500 discount and the opportunity to secure the device for only $799.

World's First 4-in-1 4K Hybrid Rolling Tablet

For fans of the 32S1U Pro Rolling Tablet, INNOCN's designers have created a monitor that not only has a stylish appearance but can also be used for a variety of tasks.

  • As a Tablet - It can be used as an Android tablet PC that runs Google's Android operating system (OS), giving you access to Android's most popular mobile applications. You can download top Android apps such as Zedge, 1Weather, Facebook Messenger, and Podcast Addict.
  • As a Monitor - The device is a portable touchscreen monitor that can be used for both personal and business purposes.
  • As a TV - It functions as a Smart TV, or connected TV, with internet and interactive web 2.0 features, allowing you to surf the internet, view pictures, and stream music and videos. Fans of television can now watch their favorite shows on apps such as YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling, and Steam Link using this tablet.
  • For Drawing - If you're an artist or drawing enthusiast , this new Hybrid tablet is ideal for you and can help you create some of your best drawings yet.

Live Stream on Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube

Nowadays, live streaming is one of the most enjoyable activities. Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube are some of the most popular platforms that people use for streaming or viewing live broadcasts. The 32S1U Pro tablet is the best size and quality for delivering high-quality video, whether you want to live stream your new podcast, demonstrate your gaming mastery, launch a cooking show, or show off your new TikTok dance.

Video Call with Friends and Family

Most people are preoccupied with their daily lives and career goals, leaving little time to spend with family and friends. Video calling apps like Alexa and Zoom have become commonplace in communication because they allow people to connect with those they care about from afar. With the 32S1U Pro tablet, you can now video call your best friend or relative on a 32-inch screen, making it feel like you're in the same room with them.

Workout at Home

This new 4K 32-inch tablet is ideal for watching fitness classes when you can't get to the gym and even for fitness coaches who teach workout techniques to their students from home. Enjoy watching or teaching your favorite workout routine from the comforts of your living room.

Second Screen for Work & Entertainment

The INNOCN Rolling Tablet 32S1U Pro is useful as a second screen monitor that can easily boost your productivity, whether at work, while playing on your gaming system, or while conducting internet research. This device accepts mini HDMI as well as USB C, making it compatible with nearly all devices on the market. Because of the expansion of its device compatibility list, more people will be able to enjoy this new device as an external secondary display for laptops, PCs, Android phones, iPhones, and even gaming monitors like Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The Perfect Tablet for Sketching Designs

If you are an artist who paints and sketches as a profession or as a hobby, this is the ideal tablet to help you create the most detailed drawings possible. The tablet's 32-inch screen provides more space for you to easily implement every detail required to create a beautiful project.

Home and Outdoor Movie Theatre

This touchscreen tablet is perfect for streaming home videos, videos from social media, or live streaming videos from your favorite apps. Watch movies and TV shows with your family at home, or invite some friends over for a movie night in the backyard.

Enjoy the Most Popular Music

You can now use the Rolling Tablet 32S1U with the playlists you created. With its 12W speakers, this tablet has excellent sound quality that will elevate your listening experience. You can use this tablet for your get-togethers, parties, and any other event where music is played.

Apple , Android & Windows Wireless Screen Mirroring

When using the INNOCN Rolling Tablet 32S1U Pro, sharing screens is simple. With this tablet device, Apple products like iPhones, Mac computers, and iPads can wirelessly share their screens. You can easily use wireless screen mirroring on Android and Windows devices by downloading the free eshare app.


Model 32S1U Pro
Size 31.5 inch
Color gamut DCI-P3 95%
Resolution 3840x2160(4K)
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Brightness Max 400nit(HDR On)/TYP.350nit
Viewing angle 178(H)/178(V)
C/R 3000 : 1 (Typ.)
Battery Built in battery in the base
(4 hours of service life)
System Android 11
Camera 8MP Magnetic Wireless Camera
Microphone 4 Mic Array (Compatible with 8 Array)
Speaker 2*12W
Touch Support; compatible with MPP2.0 tilt pen
Ambient light sensor YES
ARM board MTK 8195 (8+128G)
I/O interface Support mini-HDMI In, USB-C In

Why Choose INNOCN?

To provide customers with the best viewing experience possible, the INNOCN development and production team is constantly experimenting with new concepts. The company has been bringing new all-in-one devices that stand out from the competition for years, transcending the traditional market for monitors.

Who We Are

Innovation China is the meaning of the acronym INNOCN. The business, also known as Shenzhen Century Joint Innovation Technology Company Ltd., was established in 2014 and focuses on manufacturing all-in-one computers, monitors, and commercial displays for its devoted clientele all over the world.