About us | INNOCN

Who We Are

INNOCN is a world-leading display technology company that strives to create the most elite monitors in order to provide individuals with the best screen display user experience possible. We were founded in 2014 with the intention of leveraging our resources and extensive expertise in product design and visual display in order to permanently elevate the display monitor market and we have successfully been able to do so. We've been mentioned in prestigious publications like Forbes and Rolling Stone. In addition, our monitors have been named the ""Best Overall"" and ""Best Portable Monitors of 2022."" Our company has received several design awards from reputable organizations, demonstrating the significance of the product development process. Our company has received numerous awards for its outstanding designs, including the iF Design Award (2018), the Red Dot Award (2016), and the China Good Design Award (2016), to name a few. The importance of the product development process is demonstrated by the awards given by these reputable organizations. We have established ourselves as industry leaders with over 260 national patent certificates.


INNOCN was founded in Shenzhen, China's innovation capital, so it's only natural that our story begins with the concept of creation. Our technology creators are always striving to advance society's development by providing inspiration and a broader perspective for people all over the world. Our vision is to lead technology development by relentlessly evolving the ways in which creators of all kinds can be productive in their respective fields. We believe that the power of technology will be able to increase people's productivity and creativity, and we are committed to assisting people in reaching that next level.


INNOCN is dedicated to developing innovative technology to continuously increase the value of screen display monitors, thereby expanding the possibilities for creators everywhere. In terms of technology and design, our high-end display monitors outperform others in the display monitor market.