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Privacy Policy

INNOCN respects your privacy. For the sake of your clarity, the following will state INNOCN's stance regarding various privacy issues including collection, usage, and protection of your information collected through this Website (“Privacy Policy”). Unless noted otherwise,INNOCN will not collect your personal information. Filling out or submitting your personal information represents your agreement to allow us to use your personal information within the scope of this Privacy Policy Statement (“Personal Information”). By browsing or using this Website, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Collected
The purpose of collecting Personal Information is to allow INNOCN to improve our services as well as leave the possibility of analyzing, developing, and testing our servers and services. Additionally, there are certain services (such as news subscriptions) that may require you to provide Personal Information on this Website. In such instances, we will inform you (i) that these services may require Personal Information and (ii) how you can stop using these services. You may choose whether to use these services or not.

Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, personally identifiable information, such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, and other contact information.

Our server automatically records certain information upon entering our Website, such as your IP address, browser software, and operating system. Information regarding your and other visitors' traffic patterns may be compiled into information for our private use.

Use of Personal Information Collected
Your Personal Information for the services/newsletters that you request may be stored in INNOCN's servers. You may use these services until you decide to halt your usage. We may use this information to contact you about information, updates, or events related to INNOCN or its Website. We will not disclose, sell or provide such information to unaffiliated third parties; however, we may provide such information to our subsidiaries and affiliates.

We also reserve the right to disclose such information to any third party if we believe that such is required through these reasons: (i) law; (ii) lawful compliance or governmental requests; (iii) relations to criminal activity of the Website or INNOCN's server; or (iv) protection or safety for INNOCN, our subsidiaries, and our affiliates.

Cookies may be automatically stored in a file on your computer. These cookies allow us to differentiate various users. We do not use cookies on our Website to collect information on or from our users. You may adjust the security on your browser to accept or reject the cookies.

Modifying Personal Information
After you subscribe to INNOCN's E-Mail Alerts service, if you wish to modify Personal Information or unsubscribe, you may do so in the “E-mail Alerts” section of our Website. Once we have received your request, our system administrator will process your request accordingly.

Our Personal Information policy only applies to Personal Information obtained through the usage of this Website. We are not responsible for information not directly obtained by us through our Website including those through advertisements and links to third parties. Please read the privacy policy of other parties carefully before filling out your personal information.

Revisions to Our Privacy Policy
INNOCN reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time-to-time. We may enforce the changes even if such Privacy Policy has not been updated. The last revision can be seen at "Last updated" at the top of this page.