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Using it primarily for my switch OLED. Make sure to use at least 40W power. I have a 45W PD power bank that powers the monitor. Then only using a single USB c cable connected to my switch enables tv mode. For the screen itself excellent inky blacks, contrast and color. Good brightness and speakers get the job done. Very good build quality and the included case is nice. Very happy with this monitor!


Beautiful, bright screen that works perfectly with the Switch. It works great with either kind of input; using mini HDMI with the dock or through USB-C without the dock. Also works great hooked to my M1 Mac for 1080p videos. If I regularly used something like this hooked to the Mac for day to day work I would probably upgrade to the 3840x2160 version, but for 1080p stuff (videos, the Switch) it's perfect!

Ifren Santiago

I bought this portable monitor for my Oled Nintendo Switch and I love it so far. Image equal to that of the Nintendo Switch Oled. Color, brightness and perfect black makes this the perfect monitor for gaming and movies.


Bought this for my nintendo switch and steam deck after trying a different portable "gaming" monitor that was blurry when anything moved on screen. I don't see the blur anymore with this monitor and the colors are vivid. The case works as a stand behind the monitor, which I like much better than having the case folded out in front like some of the smart cases are designed.

Frank Haze

This monitor really surprised me. It's fabulous right out of the box and a perfect extension of my 2021 MacBook Pro M1. It's connected with USB C and works perfectly. I found a promotion for $90 off so the price was $359.99, which is hundreds less than I expected to pay for a monitor of this caliber. I use it for photo and video editing and couldn't be happier. I do wish the two extra USB 3.0 slots were USB C, but that wasn't a deal killer in light of the great value. If I ever need two external monitors I'll buy another one.


Exactly what I was seeking. MacBook Pro 14" M1. USB C attachment. Assembled, attached power, plugged in the supplied USB C (length is about 40") into my MacBook and it just worked. I'll be using an Echo Dot 4th gen for my bluetooth desktop speaker so I did not test the speakers. My desk is in front of a very bright window and the brightness is more than adequate. Everything is very sharp and easy to read.


I had this monitor for a while and I mainly use it as a second monitor but it works great as a stand alone monitor as well. The colors look amazing. It has an option for HDR which makes my PS5 colors really pop. The circle cutout works great to have your wires go through for the cable management so it's not in the way. This monitor has built in speakers and they sound good. I also like how you can adjust this monitor to many different angles as well as raise the height.


This is a great display for the money! The color quality and brightness are excellent. I’m using it with a couple MacBook Pro computers and it works well. My only complaint is the location of the USB-A ports isn’t convenient for use with flash drives or Yubi security keys. If they had ports on the side it would be perfect. My wife purchased one as well and is using it with her work Windows laptop over the display port and it works well. I just hope the display is built to last and I don’t ever need service on the display. Only time will tell on that one.

Richard Laughter

So, I originally left a bad review but after innocn reached out to me, and replaced my faulty monitor, and after rigorous testing to insure my unit was fully functional, I feel like I owe the company some more props. In terms of picture quality, this Monitor is the best for its price.