INNOCN Professional Fine Art Display

INNOCN Professional Fine Art Display

The World's First Fine Art Display Brand

The art display is a display product launched by the INNOCN brand in 2021 for the art design crowd. This type of display has excellent performance in display effect, color performance, color accuracy, picture contrast and so on. When creating and appreciating art works such as photography, drawing, design, etc., there is a more brilliant picture effect.

Product Features

  1. Realistic display screen

INNOCN Art Display adopts high-standard panels with strong color performance, and through the color adjustment experience accumulated in the supply chain, it brings users an art display with better picture performance at the same price, and strives to let users feel the beauty of art works .

  1. Efficient user experience

INNOCN Art Display has reached the cutting-edge level of the same price in terms of color display mode preset, display function interface, display stand adjustment, etc., which can bring users a free and expandable adjustment experience. It can bring users a more free and smooth adjustment experience.

  1. Solid quality

INNOCN Art Display has reliable product quality and provides up to three years of on-site replacement service, so that users do not need to worry about after-sales problems.

Working principle

INNOCN Art Display endows the product with extremely full color expression by adopting high-quality, high-performance display panel. At the same time, INNOCN Art Display conducts independent color calibration and reports on each product before leaving the factory to ensure that the products obtained by users can achieve professional-level color accuracy and uniformity.

INNOCN Art Displays provide a wide variety of additional functions to meet the display needs of daily work and entertainment.

Key models

INNOCN 27C1U: This monitor is equipped with an IPS display screen, which has a 4K ultra-clear display screen of VESA DISPLAYHDR400, and has 400nits high brightness and rich color display effects.

INNOCN 40C1R: The monitor has a 21:9 screen ratio, has a 144Hz refresh rate, supports VESA DisplayHDR400, and has a high brightness of 570nit. Adjustable stand, support up and down adjustment, pitch adjustment, horizontal rotation, multi-directional adjustment of built-in dual speakers, set up a stereo system.

INNOCN 34C1Q: IPS panel with 3440*1440 resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, 5ms response. INNOCN 34C1Q also supports split screen PIP/PBP function, supports input of two video signals and can be freely combined. Two hosts can share the display to achieve cross-screen operation. Provides Adobe design mode, SRGB design mode, professional 6-axis color adjustment and other color adjustments.